Today more than ever, the skills you need resident in your team can evolve in an instant. When you’re expanding a program, refining your strategy, creating an event, or looking to the future, you need to ramp up, and fast. You need to navigate change and propel your team forward, through the roadblocks. You need someone who can instantly feel like an ‘insider,’ who can keep pace with you and help create enough momentum to get from HERE to THERE along the twisted path of growth. You need a trusted partner, an experienced contributor whose savvy spans from gritty “truth telling” front line conversations to nuanced board room negotiations with the plug-and-play perspective of a proven performer.

CKGreenTwistySofaSMWhen you work with MonkeyBar Management you inject experienced, senior-level skills into your organization where you need them, when you need them. We specialize in stimulating forward momentum, providing the boost of energy and insights you need to get to the next level.

MonkeyBar Management provides an umbrella of services and connections led 
by our Chief Experience Officer and Director of Doing, Kellee Magee O’Reilly. Holding a degree in international business with an applied focus in peace and conflict resolution from American University in Washington, DC, Kellee has invested over two decades building the success 
of small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the US and Europe.

Prior to launching MonkeyBar Management in 2007, she held a number of other titles in national organizations: Director of Business Resources, Corporate Marketing Partnerships, Director of Meetings, Board Liaison, Tour Leader, and International Program Manager. But what does all that mean?

When you apply her skills to a project, Kellee is a(n):

  • energetic, trained facilitator with the ability to “read the room”
  • nimble change agent
  • “thought follower” and insight generator
  • integrity-driven connector
  • talented plate-spinner of event logistics & priorities
  • big-picture strategist capable of executing at the detail level
  • infectious personality
  • courageous questioner of norms
  • keen observer & skilled negotiator
  • passionate change manager
  • momentum generator

CoreyBordine_Web_CropMonkeyBar’s Chief Challenge Officer is Corey Bordine, who has worked collaboratively with Kellee in varied roles since 1997. Before Corey began working with MonkeyBar Management he worked for The Coca-Cola Company for six years and then for his family’s business, Bordine’s (MI), for more than 15 years. At Coke, Corey met and exceeded his goals in sales and marketing for the Fountain Division, then was recruited to work for his family’s garden center and growing operation, as one of the third generation owners. While at Bordine’s, Corey did everything from Accounts Payable to being its Co-President…and many jobs in between. Corey oversaw the company’s Financial/Administration/Legal Affairs, Human Resources, I.T., Retail, Inventory Management, and Marketing/Branding departments.  He is well versed in generational planning, conflict resolution, brand management, economic analysis and day-to-day operations of running a multi-site business. He has served on the Board of a number of national and local organizations. Corey’s passion for travel has taken him to all 50 states, as well as throughout Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada and South Africa, facilitating group education and networking events in many of these destinations. Corey holds a B.A. in Marketing from Michigan State University and a Masters of Business Administration (emphasis in Operations Management) from the University of Minnesota.

When you see him in action, Corey is a:

  • dynamic keynote speaker
  • performance-oriented personality
  • person who can ask the right (tough) questions
  • catalyst for change with a respect for tradition
  • proven results-driven leader
  • believer in the value of community
  • balance of corporate and family business culture
  • person of integrity who has earned the trust of his clients

MonkeyBar Management specializes in providing the skills, connections and insights that you need to bridge the gap from where you are to where you need to be. How can we help you on your journey? Get in touch today to learn more.