What do you really do?

Well, lots of things actually. And it’s highly personalized to each client — far more suited to a conversation than a website. But in general, the philosophy of MonkeyBar Management can be smartly applied for our clients through our four core areas of expertise. Mix & match to suit your unique needs, and let’s talk!

Strategic Facilitation & Frameworking

In challenging & swiftly-changing times, your leadership’s vision for the future is more critical than ever. Unfortunately, your executive team (or nonprofit board) may have hit a roadblock. The path ahead is forked and unclear, time is of the essence, and choosing a direction – and marshalling resources to keep momentum heading in the right direction – is more important than ever. This is precisely the scenario where a professional third party can be an objective, process-oriented facilitator and analyst. We can help you identify your roadblocks, ask the tough questions, identify opportunities for improved profitability and alignment, and bridge the gap from where you are to where you need to be. With a firm but comfortable style; a nimble and personalized approach; and a proven process for cutting through the clutter, politics, and personalities to focus on outcomes, we can be a powerful catalyst for your business helping you crystallize and codify your vision, purpose, values: where are you going? What resources do you need to get there? What do you need to STOP doing? We have spent more than 2 decades working with nonprofit organizations and small businesses:  we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Event Design & Execution

Whether you’re creating an event from scratch or need to infuse fresh energy into a more traditional model, put our Department of Doing and its 20+ years of proven event design and logistics experience to work for you.

From ideation to execution and everything in between, we have a trusted network of resources to get the job done and the proven capability to create powerful events that achieve objectives.

Motivation and Business Development

Connectivity is more an art than a science, and not everyone has the luxury of a full-time motivational speaker, networking artist, sales trainer or insight gatherer on their team. On a project-specific basis, you can put our savvy skills to work for you:

We can personalize a sales training process for your team, distill and tell you the truths about your culture or service environment, target relationship-building plans, design & facilitate a networking program.

Transformative Travel, Strategic Business Retreats

We believe new experiences set the stage for progress and have the power to transform our lives and our business decisions. With a 20 year history creating business educational tour programs around the world, we create small group experiences produced by the MonkeyBar Management team in collaboration with our team of local experts in each destination. We proudly create experiences that are authentic to the destination, feature genuine interactions with the locals, and uniquely tailored to each small group’s personal goals.  Executive business networking/education programs are our specialty: we have produced a Strategic Business Adventure in South Africa, an in-depth business tour to Germany and the Netherlands, and just finished an Italian business immersion experience for a group of business leaders in commercial horticulture.  Where does your business want to go?

This is WHAT we do but that doesn’t mean anything without the WHO: our clients are some of the coolest, most interesting, fun people we know… to be honest, we’d be friends with them even if we didn’t work for them. We love doing work that matters for nonprofits and companies that share our vision for doing things that matter and helping people and teams get from where they are to where they need to be. Check out our philosophy in Relationships that Work.