Relationships that Work

Everything in life is based on daring” — Martin Buber, philosopher

Visionary projects begin with inspired individuals. We’ve been successful working with national & local nonprofit trade, social, and charitable organizations, as well as small-to-midsize independent retail, service, and manufacturing businesses. We believe successful professional relationships are built on three foundations:


We throw ourselves completely into our work every day, and we seek not only to understand, but also to believe in what each of clients does.


Life is short. We believe work should be both fulfilling and fun. We’ve run across a few business consultants in our day who are stuffy and pretentious. We’re not them. We seek out partnerships where everyone can enjoy the time spent collaborating.


We do what we say we’re going to do. We believe in the ethic of ‘you get what you pay for’ and delivering work of the highest quality. We believe in doing things right (and apologizing and doing whatever it takes to fix it on the rare occasion that things go wonky. We’re humans after all) We don’t work with bullies or jerks — because we believe that you are defined by the company you keep.